Why Homemaking….

“There needs to be a homemaker exercising some measure of skill, imagination, creativity, desire to fulfill needs and give pleasure to others in the family. How precious a thing is the human family. It it not worth some sacrifice in time, energy, safety, discomfort, work? Does anything come forth without work?” – Edith Schaeffer

Here I share about home, homeschooling, hiking, health, and hope in Jesus for the family truly is precious and a blessed calling. All of these aspects come together in the art called homemaking, and while it is not always easy, it is always worth it! Join me as I share our family’s favorite resources, and thoughts on all things homemaking as I purpose to glorify Jesus in family and home.


Birth Center Packing

I know when I had my first child I was always looking for what I needed to bring to the hospital. Then with my second I brought half as many things, and each subsequent child I brought less each time. A few things I always brought to hospital was clothes for 2-3 days for me… Continue reading Birth Center Packing

Vegan Rainbow Potato Salad

Do you love a simple staple for picnics but need it to be vegan? Try out this super simple potato salad. If I’m terribly honest I never measure anything for this recipe. I boil up some halved small potatoes, toss in some vegan mayo, red peppers, carrot slices, yellow bell pepper, celery, pickle, red onion,… Continue reading Vegan Rainbow Potato Salad


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Hi, I’m Heather. Previously a kindergarten teacher, I became a full-time mama in 2010. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love reading, writing, crafting, hiking and living a life purposed to bring glory to Jesus Christ! Read more

Join for some failures, faith and fun along the way.