Here I share a little about homemaking, homeschooling, and my heart for Jesus and my family.

I am a pastors wife with 7 children striving to bless others with what little wisdom and skill I have been granted.


Free Christmas Carol Printable

We are keeping it sweet and simple this holiday season. There are so many amazing activities and guides available out there but my heart is craving simple. So this year for holiday school we will take a simple approach. We will use daily checklists, as my children loved that over the summer, that include the…

Harvest Moon (free printable)

Harvest moon is this Saturday, and its my birthday! The harvest moon is a delight to add to your nature studies. Here is a free printable for you to utilize in your studies! We will be going on a moon walk (luckily it rises early these days, 8:03 locally) Saturday, but tomorrow and Friday we…

Seventh Grade Curriculum (2022-2023)

Here’s the post I know many have been waiting for after my summer Instagram posts. Yes, it’s the dreaded, I mean much anticipated, middle school years. My oldest is hitting middle school officially (though I know some consider sixth grade middle school) and with that comes a giant leap in skills and responsibility. As such,…

Fifth Grade Curriculum (2022-2023)

Today we are looking at my year 5, or fifth graders school choices. This is almost a carbon copy of my year 4’s list so don’t be surprised if it sounds a bit similar. They are doing almost the same year with only a few differences. You can get a quick overview over on my…


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Hi, I’m Heather. Previously a kindergarten teacher, I became a full-time mama in 2010. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I love reading, writing, crafting, hiking and living a life purposed to bring glory to Jesus Christ! Read more

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