Purposing to Glorify Jesus

Searching and seeking to honor God completely! Purposing to bring Him glory through my calling, homemaking.


It is overwhelming somedays. The things to do, the things to clean, the things to plan…

How can we in this day and age ever truly find contentment? Simplicity is a popular movement these days. From Whole30 and Paleo diets that strive to simplify our eating, tiny homes to simplify our living, “KonMari” to simplify our stuff, and a plethora of other fads, ideas, and gimmicks all reaching for the desirable simplicity of life! Things to buy, things to do, ideas everywhere, what do you do?

I am a mother of 4 girls ages 9 months – 6 years. We live in the midwest at a modest income level. In the past year we moved from an 1800 square foot home to an 1100 square foot home and my husband left a decent paying job to a modest paying job. We moved to be more active in the new church & school in which my husband is serving, the job change was in pursuit of God’s calling for my husband and our family. We are still trying to juggle these changes and find our way. Searching for God’s calling in our lives, and finding so many distractions along the way.

We as a family are still unsure of God’s plans for us. We know he has called us here for this time, but our future plans are still up in the air. We see a life in full time ministry in the future, but are unsure as to what aspect. In an effort to better understand God’s calling I want us to simplify our lives so that we are not distracted from God calling. I want to hear His call as clearly as Samuel, and not to miss it by the distractions of our modern, busy life.


Today, we will begin. Today we will seek Him. Today we will make changes.

Follow along as I share our path to contentment, purpose, and whole hearted living in pursuit of living like Jesus. I will share our favorite meals/planning, pre schooling at home, cleaning, decorating, decluttering, and whatever else comes along the way.

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