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Friday Favorites (1)


Taking time to delve into God’s word. There are so many options I want to pursue, but it just doesn’t happen. So working on figuring out what is best for me. Always a good option is Sweet Blessings scripture writing plans. It provides a few verses on a given topic. You break out your Bible and copy them word for word on anything, I use a special notebook. Even when I don’t have a lot of time, I can do this! And I always feel better having spent time with God.

SWTBless copy.jpg


After a long week of VBS, this week has been a week of rest. We have barely left the house, and Mama has been resting as much as possible. We have focused on staying fed, bathed, and keeping the house clean. Now we are ready for a busy Father’s Day weekend.



Granola Bars! They are a life saver to us for quick snacks, and Kind Bars have really helped for my food allergy kids.




Ear Ease from Plant Therapy. Enough said, really helps. My girls had undiagnosed ear infection a week and half ago, but we use this morning and night and it seemed to really clear them up! I however was to lazy to do to myself, and my ear infection got out of control so amoxicillin to my rescue.




Working on some fun free printables for Fathers Day with the kiddos! There are so many out there on the big wide web, but I like the simple ones. I have 4 kiddos, so we print them out 2 to 8.5″x11″ paper and make them double sided. Daddy can only store so much 😉

Checkout this one from Money Saving Mom.


Have a blessed Father’s Day weekend!

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