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ABC Jesus Loves Me

We have been devoted users to ABCJLM for 4 years, and I cannot recommend it enough.

It is a Christian-Bible based program that is reasonably priced and age appropriate. The owner and creator is just a mom like you and me! I love how she focuses on Biblical principals and learning through play. Some of her earlier blog posts on intentional play and learning through play just really hit home with me when I had just one kiddo at home. She is so forthcoming, honest and helpful. Many times I have Facebook messaged or emailed her and Heidi will reply promptly! It is wonderful for the mama on a budget or a time constraint, or who leans toward a more “play based” learning style. You can pick and choose the activities for your own child. She encourages you to go at your child’s pace and work with the season of life that you are in.


My first child started at age 2 and we had just had our second baby while living with a grandfather in law across town from “home.” I rarely used the worksheets and never had the “circle time” I was used to from my teaching days. However, my daughter was able to learn her colors, shapes, numbers, counting and even some letters before she turned 3! I used ABCJLM as I was able, focusing on the learning poster and learning through play. We continued for year 3 and she did so well, she was ready for kindergarten at age 4. Where we switched to My Father’s World (our preferred grade school – homeschool curriculum).


We continued to use ABCJLM with my other daughters along side my oldest doing MFWK. They fit together so well, since they are focused on Biblical principals, learning through play/experience and flexibility!


I have loved using this program, and will continue to use activities and ideas from this site for years to come. However, in our effort to LIVE SIMPLY we will not be following the ABCJLM program this year.

I will have a third grader using My Father’s World Adventures in US History, a first grader using My Father’s World Learning God’s Story, a kindergartner using My Father’s World God’s Creation A to Z, a three year old using parts of ABC Jesus Loves Me, and an infant trying to get attention amidst the chaos!

I am looking forward to what God has in store for us this coming year! It’s the first time in years I have looked forward to the next school year! Praise the Lord for allowing us to homeschool next year!


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