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Friday Favorites (2)


Needing to make more time for this. I really am struggling this year, because I make these impossible plans. Still working on getting through Everlasting Love from Daily Grace Company.  It’s going slowly, very slowly because I am not consistent.



Time. I am happy to have the gift of time with my family. We don’t always do amazing with family time as Daddy is not home as often as we would like. Lately our go to has been a few rounds of Mario Kart before bed on Friday nights. Looking forward to another fun night of silliness and backwards driving!



Food is not my favorite right now. It’s causing lots of stress due to dietary restrictions and figuring out what works for our family. One thing I can count on is fruit and veggies, usually. But right now our oldest child is on a super strict diet and even some of our staples are failing us.  So food favorites right now? Carrot sticks, celery sticks, mandarins, and bananas. These are the few things I do not have to measure or worry about too much!



Our herbal go to at the moment? Psyllium husks! My oldest has been told repeatedly she is constipated. Well all prescriptions and OTC meds have given her side effects, so we are left with natural remedies. Along with a high fiber diet we are sticking with daily dose of psyllium husks. I bought some at Walmart just to try, and it does seem to help. However, I plan to buy from the Bulk Herb Store next time.


Hoping to finish our new chore chart this weekend and maybe even crochet. Have just been too overwhelmed to get much of anything done in the “fun” arena lately! Check back soon for tutorial on our new chore chart!


Have a great weekend! What are your Friday Favorites?


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