Meal Plan: Template & Example

I’ve been having a hard time trying to wrap my brain around meals for my two littles with food allergies (egg, wheat, dairy, sesame, and peanut) and the low FODMAP diet for my oldest with IBS-C. I was trying to do a whole 30, but I couldn’t keep it all straight and I failed my 1 hour glucose test, which means the 3 hour glucose test is coming up this Friday. So we are just sticking with the kids special diets, and this very pregnant Mama is going to eat comfort foods that are mostly healthy and on the above plans.

I am big on meal planning, and we eat out too much (husband and I) and give the kids their new convenience foods (turkey lunchmeat, fresh veggie, fresh fruit) when we don’t plan. So here is my general meal plan template for you if you want to try.

I adopted the basic idea from Stacy at Humorous Homemaking a while back.  The general thought is that breakfast is the same everyday for one week. Then for lunch we have a repeated lunch or leftovers as lunch option for the week. Then I plan dinner throughout the week with leftovers on busy days or days when my husband is not home for dinner.

Meal Plan Template

Meal Plan Template

For our family we are trying to stick to gluten free, egg, free, dairy free, bean/lentil free, as well as low FODMAP. In general we avoid sesame and soy as a family. We do allow peanut butter for the rest of the family as my daughter’s allergy is mild and only presents when ingested. We simply sub almond butter or sunflower seed butter for peanut butter as needed on our plan.

When I say my brain is fried, I mean it! Took me hours to make this plan based on foods we have in the house and what everyone is able or willing to eat. That’s ridiculous! Between pregnancy brain, stress, and dietary restriction overload I just can’t think anymore. So forgive any mistakes, but its been a rough go for this mama. Praying my glucose test goes well so we don’t have any more health issues and restrictions to add, but the Lord knows what we need and continues to provide! Praise God!

Here is the plan for this week. When I say plan I mean plan, not set in stone. We keep a few things on hand in cases something doesn’t workout..nuts, meat, veggies, fruit, oats and safe cereals are some staples I keep on hand for those crazy days or sick days.


Also, you will see a * on Saturday. We have a family pitch-in which means bringing safe food for all my children. I also want to have a little treat for them for Sunday afternoon so attempting some new safe cookie recipes! Wish me luck as gluten free vegan sweets are always a mixed bag of success for me.

What are you having this week?

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