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DIY Big Family Chore Chart (Home Blessing)


We have tried so many different kinds of chore chart. Who has heard a mama say that? It’s true, everyone has a different perfect chore chart. In the end it really just depends on what your goal is for the chart!


The above images among several more we used when the girls were little. It worked really well. I spent hours developing them with free clipart and editing in Apple Pages, and then printed on cardstock. Next I cut them out, laminated them and lined the backs with felt. Then I covered foam board pieces in fleece/felt and hung them in kitchen. Each day I put what chores they needed to do on the felt board and as they completed them they took them off. This was a great system for 2 kids ages 4 and 2. They were color coded and specific, but would be nightmare for me now with 4 kids and another on the way.

We tried several printable chore charts and sticker charts. Also the magnetic versions. They just aren’t conducive for our family, and those magnetic ones are not made with big families in mind.

We are working on adapting a change in vocabulary from chores to home blessing. We have been working on these changing vocabulary and being more positive in our approach to cleaning and taking care of our home. So far so good.


Here is the chart I have been using for my children. We started just using it with dry erase markers, but trying a more permanent effort. I thought I had to offer a reward for my girls for completing the task, but so far they haven’t asked! They just like having all their boxes checked off. Woo-hoo!


This worked really well for a few weeks, so now we are updating it a bit. They go through the list on bottom of chart and finish their home blessing zone then they earn a smiley face. So far I don’t have to provide incentive, but if I do in future it will be a dollar store treat or special family activity.


This is stage 2 of development, so we’ll see how it goes. I simply used some cheap Washi tape to make the grid, and dry erase markers to fill in.  I listed their daily expectations below the chart and our home blessing schedule is printed out on the bottom. Technical and complicated I know. Check back for updates, I have high hopes for this praying it helps!


How do you encourage and help your children stay accountable with helping around the house?

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