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Organizing Our Homeschool: Part 4- Free CM Planner

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner (FREE Printable)

I have searched high and low for a planner that will work for me. I splurged and purchased a beautiful Well Planned Gal Homeschool planner one year, and it was truly lovely but I couldn’t fit all of my children’s readings in and didn’t use half the planner. It eventually was abandoned. I tried a cheap planner from Kroger and recorded only what we accomplished each day, but that also did not last.

However, I did find something that does work…at least so far! I just create my own. I generally use a combo of a binder and bullet journal, but typed up some of the charts I create to share with the rest of you.

I always start by finding a free calendar to print. Pam Barnhill has a great one in her free planning pack, but any calendar will do. I then mark my days of school and breaks. We follow a Sabbath Schedule with a long break after Thanksgiving. Find a schedule that works for your family. We would love to school year round, but right now in this season of babies this works best and keeps me accountable.

Yellow highlighter is our holiday or Sabbath weeks, grey highlights are our weeks.

For my, family we use a version of the Ambleside Online schedule. What’s awesome about this schedule is that you can easily create any way you need. Simply break it down by subject! My planner does include a sample of this, but it is best to just create your own 12 week grid on your writing program of choice so that you can add as many or as few books as suit your family.

Included below is a blank copy of this half term as well as a blank full term planner. Feel free to print and write in your own, or create your own chart quickly in your favorite program. I model it off of the Ambleside Online Schedule but simply include texts for whole family in one chart (usually a 3 page spread).

I then break that down even further. Starting with the big picture and then making it more detailed as I go helps me to plan in detail with flexibility, but keep my eye on the goals for the year.

There are many parts to this free printable, please take what you need and skip what you don’t need. I’ll give a brief description of each page, but use as works for you!

  1. Attendance– This is pretty self-explanatory, check off every day and count them up!
  2. Year At A Glance- Here I simply write in my focus for each term. Time period for history, continent/country for geography, etc
  3. Curriculum Purchases for This Year– Again this is a chart I type and use computer functions to add it all up, but it is also handy for me to have a physical copy to manipulate and write down. This is used to help us plan and budget our purchases.
  4. Devotional Page– To help me focus on a hymn and scripture each month, but also to look back and see what we did at end of year
  5. Recitation Page– This helps me plan a variety for our recitation. We try to do this together when possible.
  6. Music Page– This is helpful for those following a CM or AO schedule. For us that includes Folk Songs (generally from Ambleside Online) and Sol-Fa Lessons (we use Children of the Open Air on YouTube).
  7. Morning Time– I use this for our personal schedule but this can easily be changed to fit your family so I include a blank one for you. I keep this on a clipboard to check off as we go through activities. I include a list for loops and such at the bottom to help remind me. This way I don’t have to keep my big planning binder with me every day.
  8. Independent Work– This is new for me this year, but plan to post it each week with tasks for my girls to see what they need to accomplish.
  9. Table Time– Again placing this near our table so they can remember what needs to be done each day.
  10. Afternoon Occupations– This is more for the mama planning with ideas of what can or need to be done throughout the year.
  11. Example of our week broken down into times
  12. Weekly Lessons– Same as our morning time plan, but labeled differently for those who want to use only one sheet.
  13. Reading Log- Print one for each student and make sure you keep up with their reading. We have struggled to keep on top of this, but here’s hoping this year we can do better.
  14. Nature Walk Log– I like to keep track of our nature walks during the school year as it helps me to know how we spent our time, and how much nature time we are accomplishing.

Other Items: You could easily create these for your family if needed or desired. Our family keeps a list of local trails and parks we have visited or wish to visit. I also keep a copy of Charlotte Mason’s attainments close at hand. If you must account for field trips you could include those as well.

Because we switched to a more looped schedule with shorter time limits for each subject it helps me to remember what is next by putting my lesson plan next to our schedule and keeping on a clipboard. If you are like me and do not visit every subject every day, perhaps typing up your schedule or utilizing mine and including your lessons directly on the schedule would be beneficial.

I hope that you can utilize portions of this in your homeschool, and will update as needed throughout the year! If I can figure out how to make these editable I will upload a newer version at that time.

Have you found a Charlotte Mason planner that works for your large family?

5 thoughts on “Organizing Our Homeschool: Part 4- Free CM Planner”

  1. Thank you so so much for sharing all of your hard work! I really think this will help us for next year’s planning! I cannot wait to read more of your posts. 🙂

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